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Wedding Cakes In Sydney

Wedding Cakes In Sydney

Couples planning for their nuptials may want to take a look at some of the hottest new trends in wedding cakes in Sydney. There are a variety of new styles and textures being incorporated into cake design, from Art Deco to old-fashioned ruffles and lace. You may have a hard time choosing from these fabulous styles for your wedding cakes in Sydney.

Geometric Cake Designs
Geometric patterns in the frosting and in the shape of wedding cakes in Sydney are becoming popular. Bakers usually put a fun twist on traditional designs with chevrons, squares, and repeating patterns cut out of fondant icing. To keep it wedding appropriate, they also incorporate small flowers, beading, and other elements. There is also a trend towards Art Deco design in cakes, including metallic gold frosting, glitter, and coloring for that old-style, elegant feel.

Painting and Illustration
Bakers are getting really creative by painting or drawing on the fondant frosting to create detailed illustrations. Liquid food coloring is applied to wedding cakes Sydney getfoodi with a food-grade brush.

Ruffled Or Laced Cakes
Wedding cakes in Sydney are appearing with patterns that look like haute couture fashion. Ruffled cakes are decorated with layers of wide, flat frosting built-up around the outside of the cake to look like ruffles. Bakers also incorporate lace texture in their cakes. The lacework is pressed against the outside of the entire cake or sections of the cake to add an old-fashioned, feminine appearance.

Floral Cakes
This style remains popular for wedding cakes in Sydney and may include faux flowers made from fondant, sugar, or buttercream frosting. The only difference is that many cakes are now covered completely on the outside in a bouquet of frosted flowers.

Naked Cakes
If you’re looking for something a little different in wedding cakes in Sydney, consider a naked cake. These are layered cakes feature frosting between the layers, but no frosting on the exterior of the cake. This unique design shows off the baker’s skill in layering and entices the appetite by showing what the cake is made of. It can also be very visually appealing.

Buttercream Cakes
Buttercream frosting is back in style. Couples who want wedding cakes in Sydney that taste sinfully rich and sweet can now feel comfortable ordering thick buttercream frosting. The texture of the frosting creates a rustic, aesthetic appearance.

There are many hot trends for wedding cakes in Sydney this year. If you don’t want a big cake, choosing multiple mini cakes in different flavors or cupcakes is another growing trend.